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Discover How to Make Passive Income with Blank Books on Amazon.
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I recently discovered a new side hustle you should definitely look into, in my opinion it takes little effort compared to others I’ve explored. If you’re a graphic designer, or creatively inclined at the very least, then you have an jump-start and will do very well pursuing this side hustle. Even if you are not, the guide I’m about to share goes into great detail of how to be successful without a lick of design knowledge.

First you should visit and follow David Dill on Twitter, he is the mastermind behind the course. Then I suggest grabbing his FREE course on Gumroad. This is where I started just a few days ago and I found myself extremely focused on cranking out designs over the weekend and uploading them to Amazon’s KDP program. Needless to say I was motivated by David’s success and I wanted to mimic it immediately.

After completing David’s instructions, I can attest that by following the course step-by-step is a piece of cake. It’s very straight forward, explained extremely well, and outlines what is required to be successful in the blank book game. There’s much I want to share with you but I don’t want to take away from David and the great product for which he has created.

As a graphic designer myself, I seriously recommend you dive deeper into the potential of using blank books as a passive income for yourself. You’re basically just designing book covers, which honestly I think if you approach the concepts and designs similar to graphic tees you’ll be fine. And if you have previous graphic tee artwork you’ve done in the past – just resize it to fit the cover art dimensions.

Here’s my takeaways and my plans how I’m proceeding…

Set a goal to get your first 20 cover designs uploaded immediately (I did this in 48 hours) – then continue to work over the next month to a total of 100 notebooks featuring your designs listed on Amazon.

Cross post your designs on RedBubble selling Hardcover Journals. I forgot to mention – David’s method is focused on selling Paperback Notebooks. I’ve found that if you start on KDP first with their design dimensions its fairly easy to resize to Red Bubble’s template. Now you have both – paperback notebooks and hardcover journals selling with your designs on two different marketplaces.

Get creative on the inside. David lays out a rinse and repeat method for the journal interiors he is teaching. I suggest looking at other creative ways to use the notebook interior besides just wide lined rule pages. These will take a little more time to create – but like David suggests, save the finished manuscript and use it over and over again. I’ve already created the interior pages for my wide ruled line notebooks which I’ve used in my first 20 blank books listed.

Here’s some more ideas to consider designing for interior pages…

  • Sketchbooks/Doodle Diaries: Plain white blank pages
  • Planners/Calendars: Monthly, weekly, or day planners
  • Address Books: Names, addresses, phone numbers, etc

The possibilities are limitless and you’ll enjoy designing them I promise. I know I have thus far. I’ll post more updates on using David Dill’s method in the future as I dabble with it more. Please share you thoughts and experiences in this arena as we all are here to learn as well.

Post Update: Since writing this David has launched an updated course with more details and information on how to get started using his method. I bought it as well and YES its more in depth and worth the purchase. You can learn more about his latest course by clicking here – Print That Profits.

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